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Tax Depreciation Schedule

A summary of 40 years tax deductions with both prime cost  and diminishing value method & low value pool. For landlord fit-out contribution and incentives' schedule, we allocate assets according to your lease agreement for both landlords and tenants.


Asset Register

A list of fixed assets showing opening value of the assets, date of acquisition with its location, make, model and serial no alongside with depreciation amounts and written down values. It is a detailed version of the tax depreciation schedule, commonly requested by property owners in Commercial sector.


Capex Update

Update your existing asset register or tax depreciation schedule with Capex spent for assets upgraded, acquired, and replaced in the financial year. This is to maximise your tax deductions for your investment property and improve your cash return.

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Expertise. Commitment. Results.


Reinstatement Cost

An assessment of re-construction of an identical structure in the event of total loss or of such substantial damage that the entire building will require demolition and rebuilding. Our report provides 2 years recommended insured sum inclusive of escalation costs for re-construction period.


Cost Plan & Estimate

Cost planning provides you with an estimation of construction costs set out in elemental format on design drawings and it is also can be used as a cost control document.

Estimate is  an early stage of  budget estimating how much it will cost to build your project according to your brief and sketches.


Cost Advice

Whether it is a construction project variations from contractor or a pricing document (cost plan or estimate) prepared by a third party, we assist owners in verifying these costs and ensure there are reasonable and acceptable in the industry benchmarking.

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